Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alyssa's FIRST 5K!!!!!

Today was Alyssa's FIRST 5K. It was the Waterfront Warriors for wounded Vets, in Long Beach on the boardwalk. I can't believe that they didn't cancel the race. It was already in the mid 90's when it was starting... at 8AM!

Her friend Craig joined her. They made their shirts yesterday!
30 seconds before the start... everyone starts their stop watches/timers.
And they're off....

PJ commented that when he retires, he wants that job!

We looked towards the beach to see this group!
She did it!!!! We're so proud of her!!!

Some man complimented them on their shirts, gave them Captain America frisbees and took their picture!
Publish PostWe are so proud of both of them. What a way to do your first race... in record breaking temps!!!