Friday, February 25, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS KATRINA!!!! You won the CSN GIVEAWAY!!!!! I will send you info shortly!

Katrina said...

I would love to be entered.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CSN GIVEAWAY and the END of an ERA!

PJ and I are both off from work this week. We decided to tackle a room this week that we've been putting off you YEARS! That's putting it mildly! This room used to be Scott and Alyssa's bedroom when they were babies. After they moved upstairs, we used it as a playroom so the wall paper was ok for a kids playroom. Well the years went on, the age of computers, ebay and scrapbooking came along and took over the room. Why bother updating if no one will ever see the room was what we always said. Besides, we were lazy. So now... 20+ years later, we know that we need to redo this room.
We put all of the furniture, scrapbook STUFF, ebay STUFF etc into the living room. What a mess. Now you can't use the living room! PJ is taking down the wallpaper as I go through the STUFF. OMG the things that I'm finding! It makes me cringe thinking about how much money I spent on scrapbook items that I just HAD TO HAVE and yet never used them! Good thing it's ME going through this stuff and not PJ!
This is the last wall to go!

I guess before we wallpapered, we let our 2 oldest kids write on the walls. Maybe they didn't ask. Chris and Brooke both signed the wall!

Don't forget to enter the CSN giveaway! Tonight at midnight the giveaway ends!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY from CSN Stores!!!!
I'm so excited to be offering this prize.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teddy Roosevelts House

It was a nice day today with a high of 42! It felt like spring time after the cold weather that we've been having. PJ and I decided to go for a spin in the MGB and take a ride up to Teddy Roosevelts house. But first, PJ had to check on something at work so we sent there first. I was sitting in the car when all of a sudden a goat goes walking by! It was so bizarre! By the time I got my camera out, the goat was almost out of sight. Very strange. PJ said he sees the goat every day.The track looks so different in the winter.
Off to Teddy's house. It was so nice riding with the top down. It was colder than we thought but it still felt so good to have the sun shinning on us.
The picture below is his house but I didn't take it. Notice the leaves on the trees! We sat in the rocking chairs waiting for the 3:00 tour. The conversations that the people around us should have been rated X! Everyone was talking about SEX! So strange! I actually commented to PJ asking if we're on Candid Camera or something!

While sitting in the chairs, a man was playing with his dog. It was so entertaining. This dog was very friendly and very well trained. Sit, back up, speak, go to the right, go to the left, lay down.... the dog instantly did it all! The man would throw the ball out into the field and the dog would fetch it and put it next to the mans feet. The man would throw it 30 feet in the air and the dog 100% of the times, caught it in his mouth!

The tour was ok. The guide was like listening to Steve Erkel. I stopped listening after a while. It was fun to do something different though.
The ride home was cold and fast! No side roads... just get on the main roads and get home to warm up!

Gardening Gone Wild 'GENIUS LOCI' contest

February's theme for the Gardening Gone Wild Photo contest is What is your 'GENIUS LOCI'?
I was a bit confused by that term but this, written by the judge, Andrea Jones, explains it better.

What is YOUR special place? Please try and capture it with your camera and show me…

It can be the view of your garden out of your bedroom window – or of your favorite garden visited while on vacation. Anywhere that you feel especially drawn to. Just try and capture the ‘spirit’ of the place. It does not have to be and early morning shot – it could be an urban garden heaving with visitors. But just one shot that you feel captures the‘GENIUS LOCI’ – the ‘special atmosphere of a place’.

Your favourite space may be an urban garden buzzing with people – then try and capture need that buzz. It might be a garden at night so thenphotograph it in the moonlight. If it’s a quiet peaceful private space then I want to hear the silence.

It’s your personal interpretation of one of your favourite oudoor spaces. Your special place photographed in such as way to show what you love most about it.

This was quite a tough theme. I thought of so many places that I just love, Jones beach, Mimm's Garden on the Cornell campus, Planting Fields Arboretum... but one place kept coming to my mind as my 'special place'. It is Sunset Park in Cayuga Heights. This park is owned by the Town of Cayuga Heights. It is a small overlook that was made in the middle of a neighborhood so that everyone can share in the beauty of the landscape that overlooks Cayuga Lake. It is most beautiful at sunset. PJ and I sit on the brick wall watching the sunset while we talk about our dreams for the future. It's a very calming place to just reflect on life. It will always be my 'Genius Loci'!