Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gardening Gone Wild 'GENIUS LOCI' contest

February's theme for the Gardening Gone Wild Photo contest is What is your 'GENIUS LOCI'?
I was a bit confused by that term but this, written by the judge, Andrea Jones, explains it better.

What is YOUR special place? Please try and capture it with your camera and show me…

It can be the view of your garden out of your bedroom window – or of your favorite garden visited while on vacation. Anywhere that you feel especially drawn to. Just try and capture the ‘spirit’ of the place. It does not have to be and early morning shot – it could be an urban garden heaving with visitors. But just one shot that you feel captures the‘GENIUS LOCI’ – the ‘special atmosphere of a place’.

Your favourite space may be an urban garden buzzing with people – then try and capture need that buzz. It might be a garden at night so thenphotograph it in the moonlight. If it’s a quiet peaceful private space then I want to hear the silence.

It’s your personal interpretation of one of your favourite oudoor spaces. Your special place photographed in such as way to show what you love most about it.

This was quite a tough theme. I thought of so many places that I just love, Jones beach, Mimm's Garden on the Cornell campus, Planting Fields Arboretum... but one place kept coming to my mind as my 'special place'. It is Sunset Park in Cayuga Heights. This park is owned by the Town of Cayuga Heights. It is a small overlook that was made in the middle of a neighborhood so that everyone can share in the beauty of the landscape that overlooks Cayuga Lake. It is most beautiful at sunset. PJ and I sit on the brick wall watching the sunset while we talk about our dreams for the future. It's a very calming place to just reflect on life. It will always be my 'Genius Loci'!

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