Sunday, January 30, 2011

PJ decided that today was a good day to go through his coins and perhaps sell some. The price of gold and silver is so high now, we'd be stupid not to. He has TONS of coins... well, the kids do actually. My father bought them proof sets etc for Christmas every year. But PJ did have a nice stash that he started collecting from when he was a paper boy in the early '60's. It actually seemed like an endless supply stashed in different closets, drawers etc. I said, let me get the bag from the closet. That ended up being Alyssa's jewelry from my mother. Then PJ went through his night table drawer and found a ziplock bag with rings and a watch. He said "this must have been from your Mother or Grandmother" I said that I've never seen them in my life! We figured that they were from one of the auctions that we had won.
This ring I thought was beautiful but soooo small. It's 14K gold and I would think real diamonds.
Then there were these 3 wedding rings, all 14K gold. They were HEAVY!
This was really ugly, but it's 18K gold and I would assume real diamonds.
This was 14K with a diamond
This watch said 14K and has purple stones on it which I don't have a clue what they are.
We thought we hit the mother load and were eager to sell them, especially the heavy one. We showed them to Alyssa and she was able to read the inscription in them. Well we're not selling them! They're PJ's Grandparents rings!!!
OH well.

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