Monday, October 10, 2011

Migration of the Monarchs

Yesterday we went down to the beach. We went with the intention of capturing some great photo opps of the Monarch Butterflies that stop there on their migration to Mexico. Last year a friend said she saw a ton. Well we weren't so lucky. I saw 3 in a tree and 2 in the sand. Maybe they left before we got there!


Yesterday I went to a few garage sales with PJ. I got this beautiful Vera Bradley Beach Tote for $5! We were on our way to the beach so this worked out beautifully!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yankees vs Detroit Game 5 of Playoffs!

We went to the NY Yankees vs Detroit Game 5 of the playoffs game. We got Bleacher Creature seats which is where we wanted to be. The crowd is NUTS and it makes it that much more fun!

Just to the west when you're walking toward the stadium is this beautiful field. It was built above the road.
We started out at the Yankee Museum. This was Jeter's shirt and trophy from his 3000th hit.

Ivan Nova and Russel Martin
Do you think he stole that hat?
Granderson and Cano

CC pitching

Me, Scott and PJ

The Yankees finally did something right!
This poor Detriot fan was the butt of the Creatures chanting. He took it quite well. He deserves applause!!!
We had a great time. The Yankees lost 3-2. Even with that, the fun we had with the Bleacher Creatures made it all worth while!!!

We did it!!!

Our volleyball team was in 4th place out of 18 teams so we got a spot in the playoffs. We were so proud to even get to that point!!!
We beat the team that were played against( the 1st place team) 3 out of 4 games. The Average Joe's, who we despise because of their arrogance, was in 2nd place but was knocked out! That made everything worth it!!! (I'm not usually so mean!) So it was us against the 3rd place team for the finals.
Once again, we won 3 out of 4 games for the WIN!!! Everyone played great!!! What a great year this has been. We're like one big family!!! I can't wait until next may!!!

Mike, Garth and Maggie
Mike, Maggie, Garth, Chris, Dan and Jackie
Jackie, Garth and PJ
The team.... winning circle!!!
PJ and I
Our team!!!


PJ's Over 50 Softball team came in 1st place!!! What do they get you ask..... no gold ring but a sweatshirt!!! Congratulations to the team!

Portland Timbers vs NY Red Bulls

Sept 24, 2011
Chris was in town with the "Timbers Army" for the Portland Timbers game against the NY Red Bulls. Being that it was in NJ and he was staying in Brooklyn, we got tix and met him in NJ at the Red Bull Arena. I was a little nervous because the Army is supposed to be nuts with their chants. I was pleasantly surprised that it was just all good fan support for a great team. Over 200 Army members flew in from Portland to support the team.

Timber Joey is the guy that cuts a log with a chain saw after a goal at HOME games.

Chris and Megan
Everyone has a Timbers Scarf... now we do as well

Matt Tally as the one who is in charge of the chants
PJ and Chris
PJ and Chris
Chris and Megan
Some of the Timbers Army