Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mary turns 100!!!!

I went to visit Mary today in the nursing home. She is now 100 years old!!! She was so happy to see me. She showed me the tote bag that Phil and Nancy made for her with the pictures or her 2 sons and Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. She was so proud of it! Mary's best friend Mary (to the left) is always at her side. Mary calls friend Mary 'Frances' for some reason. Mary doesn't even know why! I asked Mary how her boys were (they are in their 70's) and she said that they are growing up so fast!
I went into her room to put the cookies on her table and there was mail. I'm thinking that there were more cards from the thoughtful gals from 2 P's that said they'd be happy to send her cards. She has gotten a ton already!
Happy Birthday Mary!!!