Monday, July 8, 2013

Ithaca in June... 2013

Our favorite barn in Slaterville Springs

   Tasting Riesling before it's bottled at the Thirsty Owl Party                              

                                     2 sons of the owner with a Varietal Tasting

Wine maker

tasting Merlot before it's bottled

Cayuga Lake with grape vines

Wegman's Cupcakes

The  Gorge Trail of Buttermilk Falls. Starting at the top and walking down! This is all natural!

                                                natural circles

                            There's tons of different waterfalls along the trail

The stone eroded around this whole huge structure from the glaciers

P.J. had to check out a cabin along the trail. I think it was built as a place to be safe in bad weather

This is our SECRET SPOT! You can start from the left, walk under or behind the falls and then slide down on the right side into a hole. The kids would do that for literally HOURS!

 When you FINALLY reach the bottom, this is Buttermilk Falls. There's not much water flowing in the summer but in the spring there's TONS from the rain.