Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We had a great, fun filled weekend with Keith, Lisa, Misha, Amanda and Jack. They flew in from CA on Friday. They spent the day in NYC enjoying the sites. They brought back some delicious pastries for us to have at breakfast the next day.

Saturday morning we decided to meet Craig and go for a nice walk at Robert Moses State Park.
Keith and Jack
Looking at the Robert Moses Bridge
The crew freezing. It was a beautiful day for Long Islanders but for these from the west coast, it was freezing!


Misha and Jack
Keith and Misha cooked us a DELICIOUS dinner!!!
Flounder and shrimp
beets and oranges
My left over Jambalaya from the night before were turned into Jambalaya Cakes/fritters
Misha made the string beans baby bellas and chicken.
Meyer Lemons from Keith and Lisa's tree!
Asparagus and oranges
We all enjoy the feast!!
Even though Alyssa's birthday wasn't until Monday, we celebrated it on Saturday! Keith made the dessert and it was delicious! It was called something like clofloui but that's not right!

Sunday morning Keith, Lisa, PJ, Craig and Linda all trecked to the Robert Moses Lighthouse for the Spring Equinox celebration. They got there at 6 AM! You get to climb the tower to watch the sunrise! They had a great time! The pics aren't in the correct order. Being that I wasn't there, all I know is that the dark pics come first!

This is actually the moon!

Keith, Craig, Linda and Lisa

Lisa climbing up, up and up!
Lisa getting wind blown!

Sunday we went to Dad's house for his 83rd birthday. It was a nice day but a lot like being at a circus! It was nice seeing Dad bond with Jack.
Alyssa, Me, Dad, Keith, Jack, Craig, Ann and Misha

Monday, March 14, 2011


It was a beautiful crisp day today... perfect for picture taking. I decided that today would be the perfect day to take Les, from A TIDEWATER GARDENER , up on his challenge.
"On your own two feet, leave the house and share what can be seen within walking (or biking) distance of your home."
So I did just that! Twin Lakes is so beautiful, no matter what time of the year that you go there. The swans make it extra beautiful. On this walk, I took notice of things that I wouldn't normally stop to look at such as fungus, rings on a cut tree, the shape of roots etc. This was an eye opening challenge! Thanks Les!