Saturday, March 12, 2011


PJ and I had a great time at the Hicks Flower and Garden Show. It was preview night for the Horticulture industry. We got to see a lot of people that we both worked with a Cornell Cooperative Extension and also FlowerTime. It was fun catching up!!! There's LOTS of picture but all are self explanatory!

PJ checking out the hanging sheer curtain w/ lights on it. Funny to be with a guy that checks out those things!

PJ had to check the elephant ears bulbs numerous times!
Bouganvilla, my favorite!

This Welcome thing was $149.99!!!! CRAZY!
Ranunculas.... something beautiful that I can't grow!

Christmas Cactus... I wanted PJ to grab a cutting but he wouldn't!
I loved this print on canvas. I may just have to blow up my picture!!!!! HEHE!
blue orchids
purple orchids

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