Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm so thrilled. I won First Honorable Mention in the Gardening Gone Wild photo contest!!! The theme... What's your Genius Loci? (special place), was a really tough theme so I was very surprised at the outcome.



Lynn : “ but one place kept coming to my mind as my ‘special place’. It is Sunset Park in Cayuga Heights. This park is owned by the Town of Cayuga Heights. It is a small overlook that was made in the middle of a neighborhood so that everyone can share in the beauty of the landscape that overlooks Cayuga Lake. It is most beautiful at sunset. PJ and I sit on the brick wall watching the sunset while we talk about our dreams for the future. It’s a very calming place to just reflect on life. It will always be my ‘Genius Loci’!”


It’s moments like this when we almost don’t need a camera. I am sure Lynn that you could close your eyes and see this in your head. Do you ever do that? Sometimes think ‘that’s just too special , too personal to photograph?

It’s a beautiful shot and one I can feel is full of romance and hope.

Specially enjoyed this.

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