Thursday, February 24, 2011

CSN GIVEAWAY and the END of an ERA!

PJ and I are both off from work this week. We decided to tackle a room this week that we've been putting off you YEARS! That's putting it mildly! This room used to be Scott and Alyssa's bedroom when they were babies. After they moved upstairs, we used it as a playroom so the wall paper was ok for a kids playroom. Well the years went on, the age of computers, ebay and scrapbooking came along and took over the room. Why bother updating if no one will ever see the room was what we always said. Besides, we were lazy. So now... 20+ years later, we know that we need to redo this room.
We put all of the furniture, scrapbook STUFF, ebay STUFF etc into the living room. What a mess. Now you can't use the living room! PJ is taking down the wallpaper as I go through the STUFF. OMG the things that I'm finding! It makes me cringe thinking about how much money I spent on scrapbook items that I just HAD TO HAVE and yet never used them! Good thing it's ME going through this stuff and not PJ!
This is the last wall to go!

I guess before we wallpapered, we let our 2 oldest kids write on the walls. Maybe they didn't ask. Chris and Brooke both signed the wall!

Don't forget to enter the CSN giveaway! Tonight at midnight the giveaway ends!

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  1. I love that you let your kids write on the walls before you paint.
    I did this with my craft room. We all wrote on the concrete floor and the beams before we covered them all up.