Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PJ eating at his favorite restaurant in SC... Mariachi

Our hotel
                                                     Decorating Brooke's tree

                                                   On the way to Fort DeSoto Park

On to Epcot
Alyssa's favorite character is Figment

                                              We ate lunch in Germany at Epcot
 Scott and Alyssa pretended to be twins celebrating their birthday. They got to wear special pins that got them special privileges. At Germany, they were wished a Happy Birthday and the band sang to them!

 On to the Animal Kingdom...
This was the BEST. We got to be IN the Animal Kingdom parade ON Mickey's float! What an experience!!!

                                         On to Hollywood Studios for the Osborne Christmas Light display
                                           Scott and Alyssa doing the traditional Zukowski Family Dance

                                           On to the Magic Kingdom

                            The mouse on the right came straight over to Scott to give him a kiss!

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