Sunday, May 30, 2010

These little 'balls' are the coolest thing! They are called Bio Gel Crystals. We picked up a few packets of these things at the Flower & Garden Festival in Epcot when we were visiting Brooke.
You put the balls into a vase with water and leave for 8 hours.
They start absorbing the water and grow....
and grow......
and they grew so much I had to put them into a bowl!

You then put cut flowers or rooted houseplants in the vase and you don't have to water them for 4-6 weeks! They feel so cool... like balls of wet Jello! We'll see if these thinks really work. I put some Peony's in the vase.


  1. Oh I love these. These would be so nice for work. It would add some color to the room for sure. Thank you for sharing these. I wonder how these would work for bulb flowers?

  2. These are sure fun! I can't wait to hear how well they work, they look really cool with your pretty pink peony's.