Thursday, May 12, 2011


What a glorious weekend we had up in Ithaca and the Cayuga Wine Trail's Wine & Herb Fest!
My favorite barn is tilting just a little more than our last visit.

PJ and I at King Ferry.
We took a drive to Seneca Lake... always pretty
At one of the wineries, they had those cardboard cutouts of people. PJ thought he was being so funny. Get that smirk off of your face PJ and watch those hands!
Matt from Knapp Winery. He has stories about anything and everything but always manages to captivate an audience.
Cayuga Lake
The house we almost bought years ago is up for sale again. Now that they fixed it up, the price from when we saw it more than doubled! Oh well!
On the morning on Mother's Day, we took a walk DOWN Buttermilk Falls. It's too hard going UP the path being that we're getting old so we parked at the top and went 1/2 way down. There's tons of waterfalls on the way down...

This one is what we call our 'Secret Spot'. We used to hang out with our kids at this part. There's a smooth rock under the falls that you can sit on and slide into the 4' deep pool at the bottom of it. There was so much water this time that you couldn't see the rock!

The water and glaciers carved that out of the shale
The backyard of the Farmers Market. There's always music, picnicers etc. Fun place
Cayuga Ridge and Thirsty Owl Wineries
Six Mile Creeks vineyard beyond the deck that we always sit on and relax with a bottle of wine.

One of the woman from our town told me about a food truck on the Cornell campus that shows up at about 10:00 at night and has a HUGE following. The Hot Truck has been on the campus since the '60s! PJ remembers it! They actually invented the french bread pizza but never patented the idea. A Cornell Alumni that worked for Stouffers had them duplicate it and they got it patented. There's tons of Youtube videos from the students!
The Short Stop Deli owns the truck and it has the same menu as the Hot Truck. You don't have to wait until 10:00 to get your food so we decided to go there.
What can I say.... it was delicious and quite an experience!!!
On the way home we had a MAJOR problem with the car. The bolt that holds the brakes on, came off! We were so scared because it was so hard to stop. The grinding noise was enough to send you over the edge! All in all things worked out. We got to a Chevy dealer in Scranton and they fixed it. They didn't charge us and they wouldn't accept a tip. They were very nice people!!!
So we had a great trip except for our little/BIG glitch on the way home.

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  1. Oh my goodness your photos are gorgeous. This looks like such a beautiful place. Lol at your hubby with Sarah Palin teehee.
    My daughter would drool over that old barn, she loves to photograph old buildings such as this.