Sunday, June 12, 2011


We're off to the Belmont Stakes! What a long day we had!!! We started at 10 AM and didn't get home until about 11:45 at night!
It was a misty, drizzle, downpour kind of day. You couldn't sit on the open benches unless it wasn't raining. That didn't happen often. I had lots of fun having my picture taken in front of 'things' that are recognizable 'event' places for a contest with the website. I WANT TO WIN!

I LOVE this picture! Check out PJ's hat! It looks like he's missing a tooth but he really isn't!

Look who's peaking behind me! I didn't know he was even there!
Kristen, Maggie and Alyssa
I had Alyssa pretend that I was taking a pic of her so I could get a shot of the 2 guys on the bench. They reminded me of Laurel and Hardy!

Guys just having fun! I must say, this event really brings out the creativity of people!

There's a second contest that I wanted to enter. The theme is 'motion' so I was trying to get some motion pics while there. The motion has to show it so blurry is ok.
Alyssa tracked down the Barbershop Quartet. Alyssa, Kristen and Maggie

We loved the bling on this horses head gear!
Bobby Flay's horse running in the 6th race!
Bruce's horse (Don from Saratoga's, friend)
Bobby Flay!
Alyssa and Don after a second place win for Bruce's horse and a 3rd place win for Bobby's horse!

Kristen, Alyssa, Horsie and Maggie
Backyard crowd

Maggie, Alyssa and Kristen with the Belmont Blanket. Different shape this year. I hope we go back to the original shape. This was a pain to sew even though you can't see the angles from this photo.
So I noticed that there were a lot of guys wearing pink and Salmon. Are these the new summer colors for guys?
Pink and white striped shorts and then salmon pants
Kristen, Maggie and Alyssa

The start of the parade for the big race!
Animal Kingdom
PJ and his crew with the blanket
We see this guy every year. He reminds us of Larry David.

And they're off!

Well, my 2 horses were pretty far back. Oh well.

The horse was spooked and didn't want the blanket near him.

PJ ended up getting the winning jockey's goggles!!!
We had to wait until the end of the last race so we couldn't leave until about 8:15. We were headed to a party at his boss's house. We had a nice time and met some nice people. We didn't get home until about 11:45. PJ was asleep within about 30 seconds of his head hitting the pillow!

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