Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letterboxing on the Cornell Univ campus... The Book of Amun-Ra

Sunday and Monday were especially fun because PJ and I went Letterboxing on the Cornell University campus. We did The Book of Anum-Ra . This one was especially difficult because you really had to THINK with every clue. At one point, we even asked a student if we could borrow some of her brains to help us figure out the one clue (of many) that we were stuck on. We started our quest by walking up the hill by the clock tower.

Find the statue of Ezra Cornell in the Arts Quad. Look around the statue for the year in which the statue was cast. Remember this.
1917 is the answer.
Next, follow the eyes of Ezra to his co-founder. Andrew Dickson
Look for a date on his statue...
Follow the pointing toe of A.D.White to your next destination ...

and distinguished landmark on the Cornell University Campus…if the time is right you may be able to hear as well as see it.
At the base of this structure you will find a memorial built for those who have “given generously to build and strengthen Cornell.”

On the blocks of stone used to construct this site are carved the names of these individuals. Subtract the years from the two founders’ statues and multiply this number by 2.

On the top row of stones, count this number from the left, and you will find the name of a Sphinx Head member (and his wife) inscribed the second name from the top.

Continue to the building of which he is the namesake.

Well, we got to Willard Straight Hall only to find that it was closed!!! Boo Hoo! The man inside said that they will open at 7 AM tomorrow. We decided that we will pack up the tent early, go to Wegman's for breakfast and then head over to Cornell to finish our quest.
We went around the side of Willard Straight Hall and went down the stairs to get to the parking lot. PJ told me that the garden that's to the left was one that he and his Hort. class repaired when he went to school there in '75-'76.
The next morning we went in Willard Straight Hall from the parking lot instead of walking up the hill. As we were going up the stairs inside, PJ showed me his favorite picture. It was there when he was a student there and after all these years, it's still a favorite!
Upon entering this building look up to find a mythological creature.

Upon entering this building look up to find a mythological creature. Below this being you will find a plaque. The inscription emphasizes the attribute of courage, but more pertinent to the purposes of Sphinx Head, helpfulness. Use the main text of this plaque to spell out your next destination using the corresponding word and letter within the word:

6-4, 10-1, 33-3, 44-8, 3-5, 47-1

As PJ was figuring that our, I took pics of the beautiful ceiling, painted in the early 1900's.

The words and numbers clue turned out to be Barnes Hall...

In front of this building is a stone bench commemorating 100 years of a group on Cornell’s campus that also uses artifacts from Ancient Egypt for representation. Sit on the spot of the bench right on top of the plaque. Look to your left and take note of the inscription reading “servants of all.” You are almost to your final destination.

Walk straight, in the exact direction that the plaque is pointing.
Continue down the stairs and make your first left.
OMG! This was the garden that PJ helped repair!!!
Walk along the path to your left until you reach another plaque beneath the shade of a tree.
Read the plaque to note the contribution of Sphinx Head to the location in which you are standing.
Regardless of whether or not you attended the university; sit in the seat of a loyal Cornellian.
Under this spot on the left you will find the hidden Book of Amun-Ra.

and so we solved another one. WHEW! That was tough. I forgot to take pics of us stamping our books etc. Oh, the 'hitch hiker' that I found in Valley Stream Park, I replanted in this box!!! Mumms the word!!!

This little garden can use some repairs again but for us, it's special the way it is!!!
Good times!

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