Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping in Ithaca....

We left at 6:08 AM. We were LATE! There was a heavy fog in the morning. This picture was when we were on the Throggs Neck Bridge.

We got to Ithaca at around 10:30. We went to a few garage sales. For some reason, they have the BEST garage sales. We actually leave room in the car for our treasures!
One GREAT sale was at the DANE EMERSON HOUSE. This Inn is on the way to our property. I always thought it was beautiful. Now I own a few things from there!
The barn was always my favorite part!
We decided to go to our property to see if the weeds look any different.... Nope, all's the same!
We then went to Mimm's Garden outside of the Plant Science building at Cornell. It's one of our favorite gardens.

There's 3 different wrought iron fences. We love them all!
On Sunday morning, we went for our usual breakfast at Wegman's and sat upstairs in the cafe. I love this because you can watch all of the workers setting up for the busy day ahead. We're usually above the Sushi guys and it's fun to watch them create their specialties.
Then we were off to the Ithaca's Farmers Market We have such a fun time walking around, looking at the vendors wares, listening to the music out by the water etc.
I found a little garden with a pond right near our car at the market. There were lots of Water Lilies.

Grape vines all over the countryside...
We went to Purity Ice Cream after dinner. It's tradition! As we were sitting outside, PJ noticed a Variegated Maple tree. He never saw one before.
It's always pretty looking at this spot overlooking Seneca Lake.
For lunch on Monday, we sat on a hill overlooking Cayuga Lake and ate our hero's.
Back at the campsite for a swim. It's the only day with SUN! The waterfall is in the campground. You can go off the diving board, swim , or even try to get across the bottom of the falls without falling off! The kids would try to get all the way across when they were young. It would take a long time and they all got close but never made it completely to the end.

Time to relax at Six Mile Creek...

Pretty Lilies outside of the winery.
We went Letterboxing on the Cornell campus. I have added a whole detailed post about the Letterboxing after this posting.
Being that Monday was the only sunny day, we couldn't resist going to Sunset Park to watch the sun set over Cayuga Lake.
We had so much fun on this trip. It was too short but perfect for a quick getaway!

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