Monday, April 26, 2010

The teacher asked me to be in charge of the mother's Day the kids will make. She heard that I like to rubber stamp so asked it I can do that with the kids. YES!
Yesterday I went through my stamps and found a few that I thought would be easy to use and allow the kids to do a little bit of coloring in. After playing around I came to the conclusion that we will use only one flower stamp and they will have a choice of if they want to use the word stamps or not. Too many choices is NOT a good thing. I made my card, making sure it was easy and can be done in small groups. Above it the finished card. The colors are not as they appear in the picture. I also used Stickles on the front, which I proceeded to smear after 3 hours of drying time. I think we'll leave the Stickles out! On the inside, the heart pops out at you when you open the card. I added Stickles to the hearts so it will be dry for them to use.
I thought the kids would have fun with the back of the card using this stamp. It says
"This card was made by hand
If you throw it away, those same
hands will make a doll in your
Image and stick pins in it's butt."
I made each kid a packet with all of the pre cut supplies that they will need to make this card.
I will also bring a lot of duplicate supplies in case they mess up on theirs. I think they'll be able to handle this one. I hope they have fun!

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  1. I was the mom that came up with the craft ideas for my kids class. Now that they are out of school and in high school I kind of miss it.
    That looks like a nice project for them