Monday, April 12, 2010

We just came back from an unexpected, unplanned trip to see Brooke in FL. We drove PJ's car down there to give to her and we were flying back. We left at 2:30 AM and arrived at our hotel in SC at 3:30! Out of all of that time, I only drove 2 hours! Poor PJ. He was one happy camper though, when we found a great Mexican restaurant near the hotel. We wanted a place to sit outside and relax and this fit the bill. Besides the food being cheap, the food was delicious and way too much!

We got the Chili Poblamo's to share... they were $4.99 and could have been THE MEAL. Then we got the "A Little Bit of Everything" so we could try different items. That included Chili Rellano's, Mexican Salad, Enchiladas, rice, beans and some Portabello Mushroom Au gratin thing and a taco. That was $7.99. A pitcher of DosXXX was $4.99. I wish they had a place like this on L.I. but then again, we'd be there way too often!
It was the Flower & Garden Show at Epcot. We had a lot of fun and got to go there for 2 days.

We ate at our FAVORITE restaurant in Epcot... Germany... The Biergarten

PJ making paper
Brooke making paper
Sitting in the yellow pansy's

Our favorite part of the trip, besides seeing Brooke, was seeing 2 concerts at Epcot of the Herman's Hermits. We had a BLAST to say the least. Peter Noone is such a funny guy.
Caterpillar in the Butterfly tent

The second night with the H.H's
The people in front of us were so funny. They belong to the Herman's hermits fan club and travel to see them. They held up babies and heart pillows when the words "Baby Baby can't you feel my heart beat" would be sung and the letters of HENRY for Henry the 8th and even one that said SAM with an X through it! They were just so funny! Here's a video of the same people from last year's concert:

My pics somehow got out of order. This is also from the second night. Peter Noone brought up this 3 year old boy from the audience. His name is William and has been going to the Herman's hermit concerts since birth. This boy danced WITH THE BEAT for 2 songs and just loved being up on the stage. He wasn't scared and just boogied to the songs. I wish I got his autograph! Here's a video of William:

Brooke's cat (FATSO) and Sammy the dog wait for her to get out of the shower. I took the pic because she'll never see what they do when she's in there. The cat was next to Sammy until I went to take the picture. Then she moved.
On our last day, we had to wait for Brooke to get us to take us to the airport. She had to leave during lunch which was perfect. PJ and I took the Resort boats, going from resort to resort, walking around and checking out the beaches. This was at Ft Wilderness.
On the resort boat. I hate looking at my hair! I dyed it a week before we left. I don't have any gray showing except in pictures! I just don't get it!!!

While waiting at Typhoon Lagoon, I took pics of the flowers and waterfall.

We had a great time. We landed to find that the airline lost one of my bags. It ended up on the next plane and will be delivered this morning.


  1. Beautiful photos.
    Looks like such a fun place

  2. Fantastic photos. I wonder why I suddenly have a craving for Mexican food?!!!