Monday, April 5, 2010

We colored our Easter Eggs on Saturday. This was Dave's first experience with coloring eggs. He really got into it!
I was more interested in trying out something I found on the internet... coloring eggs using silk ties! (I will put the directions for this on my cooking blog... I went to the local thrift store where I bought 10 ties for $1 each.

My little egg pouches cooling off.
For a first try, they didn't come out too bad. Too bad the yellow one (LandsEnd tie) cracked. It would have been the best one. The upper right red white and blue was a J.Garcia tie. That was my favorite.
On Easter, Alyssa made Dave his first Easter basket. She hid it behind the curtain.
We took a walk on the boardwalk before dinner. It was such a beautiful day. I couldn't believe how far the water was up.
Looking down at the water and sand that is right up top the boardwalk.
PJ had Alyssa and Dave pose in front of the garbage pail to say "now stop talking TRASH". Stan then said "you certainly have a lot of garbage to talk about"! Those Zukowski boys... what a sense of humor they have!

We had a nice very relaxing Easter. It was great for Stan especially since he rarely gets a home cooked meal. It's also been about 40 YEARS since he was at Jones Beach so it was an experience for him!


  1. Love those eggs! Can't wait to check out your cooking blog.

  2. Now that is just cool! Off to read instructions!

  3. Ok - now I've just gotta say those eggs are the best darned colored eggs I've ever seen!

  4. You girls are as excited as I was! It really was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again. I also loved at the brands of ties that I noticed when I got home... Coach, Geoffrey Bean, J. Garcia etc... for $1 each! I felt guilty cutting them up!

  5. These are so cool. I have to try this.