Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Food Network Lounge Party in NYC!!!

PJ and I had such a great night last night! I was invited, with a guest, to the Food Network Private Lounge Party at Thalassa Restaurant in NYC. What an honor!!!
We arrived 40 minutes early so we took a short walk to the Hudson River to see what New Jersey looks like from this side of the river. We checked out the menus from the different restaurants in the area.

As we walked in the door, I heard someone behind me say "Here comes Aarti" (winner of the Next Food Network Star and show Aarti's Party). I pushed PJ through the door, whipped out my camera and yelled "STOP"! I got the picture! I think I scared her in the process!
There were a couple of photo shoots and interviews with Aarti and other chefs.
There was so much food there. There were 2 big stations but we went into a different room where there was a smaller station and not as crowded with people.
The blond curly haired girl is Candace Nelson of The Cupcake Wars.
PJ chatting with a server about all of the delicious food.
Cupcake Tower from the Cupcake Wars
Lindt Chocolate
Mini Marbled Stuffed Potatoes
Shrimp with Greek Saffron Sauce Skewers... these were to DIE for! They were soooo good. I just kept going back for more and more of these!

Fried Eggplant and Zucchini with a Greek dipping sauce

It was definitely a young city type of crowd. I actually think that PJ and I were the oldest people that were there!
Sunny Anderson mingling with the press

Sunny and Me
When you first walk in, across from the bar is a really long, maybe 20 feet, sofa. There were Food Network pillows all over the sofa. As we were leaving PJ asked if he could have one to give to me and she said YES!

I told PJ that before we leave, I have to get a picture with Aarti. We couldn't find her so we decided to find the bathroom before heading out. Who should I meet in the bathroom but Aarti!
What a fun night we had and quite a different experience for us! I hope we get invited next year!
Everyone that was there left with a bag of goodies... WHA-HOOOO!


  1. Wow! I am jealous. Looks like you had a good time!

  2. Yummm all that food looks delish. I don't care to cook but I sure love to eat LOL

  3. Wow! What an AWESOME experience! I am in food love at only sight!

  4. Oh wow! That looks like such fun! The food looks amazing and what a great goodie bag!

  5. Thalassa is running a special offer through Zagat Exclusives.

    Right now you pay just $22.50 for $50 in Food & Drinks at Thalassa