Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny crisp fall day. After working in the yard, PJ and I decided to go for a spin in the MGB. I got my pocketbook and went outside to wait for him. The MGB key is on PJ's regular key chain so I didn't have to take a set with me. PJ came out the door, took a few steps and proceeded to say " OH SH*T"!!!! He asked if I took my house key and I said that I didn't. I said "no problem, we'll go through the door in the garage". With that he replied "I locked it"! Now why would you go and do that if it's been unlocked for the last 25 YEARS? He didn't kike that I asked but his reply was that he didn't want Alyssa's cat to get out! Is Huckleberry so talented that he can turn the doorknob to open the door to get out????? OMG!
Everything was locked except the 2 bedroom windows. He went and got a ladder to be able to get above the hedge and into the window. BUT there was an obstacle... the windows were both broke where they don't stay up. The pulleys or whatever they are were both broken. We never bothered to do anything about it because we don't open the bottom, just the top. So he had to pry the window up a bit with a screw driver and then put a brick in to hold it open a little.
Now in the meantime, our neighbor pulled up in his car, said hi and gave us a funny look like what the heck are you doing but then went into the house. Another neighbor was having a party and a lot of people noticed that something was going on. Plus the mailman stopped to watch!
PJ asked me to hold the ladder tight so he could 'push off' and propel himself over the window box and into the bedroom, head first. I did just that but couldn't miss this adventure so I snapped a picture of him! As he landed on the floor he yelled out to me "Did you get your picture"? It wasn't meant to be nice though. He was making fun of me. He ended up having a nice cut on his leg but all ended well. He got the house key and off we went to Robert Moses State Park to look at the beautiful beach, deer and light house. While we were driving I made a point of sending the picture to the kids. They all got a huge laugh out of it!
That's my finger in the picture in case you didn't know!

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  1. Oh wow! What a story!
    We went for a walk a few months ago and got locked out, too. I had the garage door opener, but DS who's 6 years old locked that door- which also hasn't been locked since we moved in! We had to go to a neighbor to get a ladder and DS who's 10 had to climb through the one open window. No pictures, though. :( Glad you all made it in ok. What did the neighbors say? ;)