Friday, October 22, 2010

While going through some of my grandfather's pictures, I came across one that said "Ron's Birthplace N. Branch, NJ". (Ron is my uncle, my mother's brother).
My mouth dropped!
That picture just answered my question that I've had since researching my 'roots' quite a few years ago.
I had been down Vanderveer Ave and took pictures of the houses, some small and some large, wondering which one was the house that my mother was born in. I just assumed it was one of the smaller ones at the beginning of the block or one at the end by the dairy farm. The family owned everything on that block including the cemetery across the street that goes back to the 1700's... almost all Ten Eyck's. I even did a THREE page layout of the street for my Ten Eyck scrapbook.

Page 1 is with the first house you come to is actually a Historical House... The Jacob Ten Eyck house

Page 2 is the house that I thought was so nice "Ridge To River Farm". I was so intrigued by this house that I wrote a letter to the owners asking about it. They said that they know it was once a ten Eyck house for many generations but didn't know beyond that. They said I can have a tour whenever I'm in the area again! My Grandmother told me that there was a big long house on the block that even had a Grand Ballroom in it!

Page 3 showed the end of Vanderveer Ave with more houses and the Dairy Farm that they owned. We also met a 2nd cousin that we never knew existed!

How cool to find this picture to now know the truth of which house was their's.... the one with the ballroom!
I'm so glad I went through EVERY one of the millions of pictures that my Grandparents saved instead of just tossing them out.

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