Thursday, July 22, 2010

ahhhhhh... a Happy Day in the Zukowski Household!

Yesterday I went food shopping at Guintas Meat Farms in Farmingdale. We love this store. Yesterday made it even better in my mind. As I was going up the isle with the 'greens', I saw a sign that I thought said Wegmans Lettuce but I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't be sure. I got so excited! I quickly put my glasses on and YES... that's exactly what the sign said! There they were, clear boxes of different lettuce, all from Wegmans! I grabbed my cell phone out of my bag and took a picture of a box. I sent it to my family! PJ was especially happy! He never texts back, or even reads texts for that matter. I got a text from him within about 30 seconds!
When we shop at Wegmans,
we really never buy the lettuce because it would just go bad without a refrigerator. (We camp in the area) I just really like the fact that their produce is from mostly local growers (Finger Lakes region) and they also grow their own on their farm. While I would prefer getting my produce from farms that are local to me, getting it from upstate NY is better than California where most of the grocery store produce is from.
As I was checking out, I told the girl that I was very happy that they're carrying at least one Wegmans product etc. I think she thought I was crazy!! Maybe she's right but who cares!!!


  1. It's so funny that you should post this - just yesterday I posted a rant on my blog that Wegmans seems to want to put a store everywhere in the northeast and mid Atlantic EXCEPT my area (Dutchess County) and of course there are none by you either. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!? Like you, I LOVE Wegmans! Why won't they put one near us?? At least you can buy their lettuce! :-P

  2. I KNOW! I was told at one point that the real estate is too expensive for them to come to Long Island. We're usually the last area to get stores. Wegmans is THE BEST!!!!