Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alyssa and I decided to get prices on installing an air conditioner in her room where the very old one is. We were going to get prices from a few different stores. First we went to PC Richards in Merrick. They won't install it because it's not the same size as what's in there now and they would need to do carpentry work. So we would need to hire an outside carpenter.
Next we figured that another thought would be to put a window in where the old air conditioner is and then have a window air conditioner to use. She doesn't have any cross ventilation in her room so that was making a bit of sense. We thought we'd price windows at Lowes and see if it made as much sense as we thought. On the way up Meadowbrook Parkway, the sky all of sudden got VERY dark!!! We went a few miles it started to rain as we got close to the Hempstead Turnpike area. The rain turned to down pouring and bad flooding within minutes!
We arrived at Lowes and sat in the car thinking that it would let up soon. We saw people walking out with huge bags over them! I wish I had a picture of that! The rain just kept coming down in sheets!
We decided to make a run for it! We were drenched! Alyssa was wearing a white shirt but was smart and held onto her boobs as she ran so her shirt wouldn't be see- through in those spots!
We went to the window department and it ends up that it's not such a good idea. This is turning out to be a major production!
As we were leaving, the door man made Alyssa and I capes to wear so we didn't get wet!
We left and drove to Marlin Appliance in Seaford. It hadn't even rained one little drop!! Dry as a bone!!! They can do the installation but will come to about $600 dollars at the very least! I told Alyssa that she should move in with Dave who has central air!

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