Friday, July 30, 2010

Today Scott and I went to visit my Grandfather in City Island. His mind has really gotten a lot worse since our last visit. He thought there was a party going on upstairs. he doesn't have an upstairs. Then he was wondering how 'they' were going to pay for the party. He really brightened up when Scott asked him if the ladies are still chasing him. He put a big smile on his face and said I certainly hope so! After our visit, I took Scott down Fordham St, just a few blocks away, where one of my cousins lives. She's about 5 houses in from the water. We walked down to the water and I was telling Scott about all the happy memories as a kid playing and swimming at that beach. I loved looking toward the Throgs Neck Bridge and seeing all the cars on it while I was having a fun time on the beach.
That story got Scott and I talking about houses. He saw a very creepy house last night in Plainedge that he wanted to see in daylight. I told him that there's one in Bellmore that I wanted to check out. You can see that one being built as you go over one of the bridges to Jones Beach. So we decided to check them both out!
First we went to the Bellmore house. It was a little confusing to find it without street names but we finally did. It's in a court. The backyard faces the inlets. This house was HUGE!!! All of the houses surrounding it were gaudy and ugly. This one, even though it's massive, was very pretty and well done. It looks better in real life.
Next we went to find Scott's house. He remembered that it was off of Hicksville Rd, north of Jerusalem Rd but wasn't sure where to turn. He thought one street's name sounded familiar so we turned down it. He didn't recognize any of the names but said to keep going. Then he saw something that he recognized and we found the house. It's on Daniel and Margaret Streets. It's actually on one of those and about 3 houses in from where they intersect.
It was really weird to see this house in a neighborhood of capes and ranches. there was a sign on the door that it's an Historical House. I couldn't find anything on it on the web though. The windows were all covered and the back yard was like a forest. It really was weird looking. Scott said it was really scary looking at night.
That was the end of our car trip and we really enjoyed ourselves!

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