Monday, February 1, 2010

Last night PJ and I went to Ellen and Vinny's house for a BBQ. The last time we saw them was 2 summers ago at Stew and Lisa's Atlantic Beach Cornell reunion get together. I don't know why but there wasn't a reunion this past summer. HUM?
We had a nice time reminiscing about the past, updating with the kids whereabouts etc. When it came time for dessert, Vinny put out mugs from the Cornell Hort Dept. PJ was so impressed with them... kind of like a 'must have'. It turns out that Ellen and Vinny went up to Cornell about 15 years ago and bought some of these mugs as a Horticulture Dept fund raiser. They use them all the time! I can't belive they aren't chipped! So now I'm on a quest. I want to find a few of these mugs to get for PJ for his birthday or just some other time. I have become friends with the Hort Dept Web developer over the years chatting about our Alliums! He has beautiful gardens on his property and a blog with such interesting things. I love his Bloom Day Scans. Interesting! Anyway, I'm going to send him a pic of the mug and see if he knows if any more are hanging around for the last 15 YEARS or where I can get some!

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  1. Hey Lynn
    I finally got my moosehead mugs for Christmas(Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation)
    You never know where you'll fing them
    my kids found them online