Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I found a facebook site that is all about Wantagh. It's been fun going through the different posts seeing if I know anyone but also reading the memories that people write. I did see one person that graduated with me that had the same last name as me. It was sad to read that she's very sick and almost lost her life.
My favorite part is the different pictures that people post from what Wantagh looked like back in the day. This picture is of Dauernheim Greenhouses as they were up until the early 80's. I used to take some poinsettias and easter lilies from their discard pile and bring them home to my mother. They were supposed to be sickly plants but those lilies came up in the garden year after year!
The greenhouses were knocked down and condominiums and a shopping center were built on the site. Sad!!

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