Monday, January 18, 2010

Last night some friends and I went to a comedy show to benefit the Keep A Breast Foundation and the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. The woman that organized the event, Anne L., lives in my town in the house behind my friend. I knew her and her 'partner' Rosemary, from when I worked at the gym and I would watch their 2 kids. They're a very nice family.
As we walked into the theater, we started noticing a few things... a lot of the women actually looked quite manly! We sat down and started whispering amongst ourselves and how we're getting the feeling that we're in the minority here!
The show starts with Anne talking about breast cancer and 'Feel Your Boobies' (get me out of here NOW!) etc! Anne announces the host of the show... Kit S. We didn't know if this was a girl or a guy! ( it was a girl!) All we could do was laugh. She even brought out a poster of a kid with red hair wearing a big moustache in a 7-11 ad about being I.D.'d joking about how much she looked like that kid. She was right!
So the show starts with the first comedian and I looked at my friends and we all had our mouths open! HOLY SH*T!!! We could NOT believe what these comedians were saying! To make it worse, it seemed like the rest of the audience was picking up on even more jokes than we were and they were HOWLING! It was all about sex... ALL ABOUT SEX! There were 5 different comedians there. Some have been on Comedy Central, one co-hosted a C.C. show with Jon Stewart, some have entertained at Carolines, Gotham and The Strip Club in NYC.
One of the comedians asked the audience if there's an straight men in the audience... give a hee haw. There were only 3 men there at all and they all yelled Hee Haw. Then she asked if there were any gay men there... silence. Are there any straight women.. give a hee haw. My row of friends and maybe about 5 other people in the ENTIRE audience of 300 said Hee haw! We got a little nervous all of a sudden! Then the big question... how many lesbians are in the audience and the crown gave a HUGE HEE HAW!!! I KNEW IT!!! We were sooooo in the minority!!!
We had a lot of laughs but honestly not as many as everyone else! When we went outside, Andrea said I'd kiss each of you goodnight but with this crowd.... I think we should just wave to each other! This night will always be remembered and with laughs!!!
We all made a plan to email Kris to tell her that we all crossed over. She's the one who bought the tickets and ended up missing it because she was sick. I don't think she knew it was going to be the way it was.

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