Sunday, January 17, 2010

PJ and I were a little bored today. We ended up going to a 70 family indoor garage sale at a church in West Babylon. What a BLAST! I picked up a few scrapbooking items for less than $1, a nice handmade tote that was $3 and PJ got a few strands of beads for us to wear at the Mardi Gras event in Feb. THEN WE STUMBLED INTO MELISSA'S DIPS!! She has a farm in Mattituck, L.I. where she grows all of her herbs and makes all of the dip mixes, rubs etc.
What a nice person and her dips were delisious. PJ already picked out the one he wants to have while he watches the Jet's game today! besides her dips, she had a table of decor items that all had a Long Island and Gardening themes. I was happy! I got some pottery, a shovel coat hanger (sounds ugly but was really cute), and more items. Because of her booth, we said we'd be back next year!!! GOOD TIMES!!!

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