Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have a small collection (8) of cast iron pans that are in different sizes, shapes etc. I LOVE when they're old and have a story behind them. You could just feel the love that went into cooking with them! YUP! I'm romantic when it comes to cookware!
I had gotten this cast iron pan from a garage sale last summer for 75 CENTS! The woman that sold it to me said it was her Grandmother's pan but who really knows if that's true. I re-seasoned my other cast iron pans yesterday so I included this one too. I posted on 2 P's what people though gets made in this pan because all I thought of was corn bread. Quite a few people said they think it's an Aebleskiver Pan. After doing a google search, I think they're right. I'll have to try a recipe for them maybe this week!

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