Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last night I made a nice Asian dinner. We had Hot & Sour Soup, BAKED Eggrolls and an Asian Noodle Salad. Just the salad would have been fine but I got a little carried away! The meal was pretty healthy, mostly because there was no meat involved and that the eggrolls were baked and not fried.
Asian Noodle Salad

Hot & Sour Soup... this was really good and authentic tasting. I'm going to put the recipe on my cooking blog.

Baked Eggrolls. These were pretty good but I think next time I will use the filling recipe that I used last time. It was more flavorful. PJ and I left the food on the table for Alyssa because she'd be coming home from work shortly. Before she got home, PJ caught Huckleberry on the table and chased him off. Then he said... didn't we have more eggrolls left than just 2? I thought there was 4 or 5 left! He started looking around and couldn't find any. We just figured that we were both crazy! WELL.........

Alyssa came home, walked through the dining room into the kitchen and made up a plate of food for herself. Before eating, she went back into the dining room to give Huck so more food when we heard her say "what the heck is this"? I went in there and lo and behold.... there's a missing eggroll! One of these days...


  1. So funny! We have to watch our cats if there is food around or they will sneak up and grab something. Your recipes looks so good, I'm getting hungry now!

  2. I got a kick out of Huck stealing the egg roll!