Monday, January 25, 2010

In honor of the New Orlean's Saints winning last nights football game and now heading to the Super Bowl, I made a few of these Fleur-De-Lis. I wear different styles depending on the day. They are great because you never have to loose your glasses again. No more putting them down and 2 seconds later... "Where are my glasses"? You wear it like a brooch.
They are held onto your clothes with magnets instead of a pin so you'll never ruin your clothes!
PJ's always looking for a gimmick so I'm bringing a few with us to the Mardi Gras event in Ithaca in 2 weeks. If someone asks about them I'll say "I just happen to have some with me. Would you be interested in purchasing one"? There's always people at these events doing that same thing. Why not?


  1. Those are really cool...very pretty too!

  2. You made that?? It is so pretty!! If I didn't have to wear my glasses 24/7 I would so buy one of those. So cute!!