Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can finally post pictures of the living room and dining room makeovers now that PJ has come home. He noticed the dining room right as he walked in the door. He's usually oblivious! He liked it! The bottom and chair rail were already freshly painted. PJ was disgusted and said to just leave the old 23 YEAR OLD wall paper up! I hated the way the colors looked together. I found this wall paper that in real life (other than in pictures), matches beautifully!
The flowers that Dave gave to Alyssa also matches the room!
I have to fix that molding. I tried to nail it back in using the holes that were already there. In that spot, the plaster cracked where the hole was so the nail wouldn't stay in. I might just put a dab of glue in that one little spot.

The living room color isn't really the same color as the pictures. It's more of a bluish gray but then again, when the sun shines in, it does look like lt. blue. The room looks much bigger and it gives a comfort feeling. PJ isn't sure that he likes the color but OH WELL!!!
Someday I'll change that picture but it will stay for now.
I also need to cover those pillows or just buy new ones because the definately do NOT match anything! They go with the sofa that used to be in the living room that we switched for the leather one on the porch. Also that blanket on the black sofa doesn't help but that sofa is so darn cold in the winter. We had to put that on it so we could sit on the sofa!

The color goes GREAT with this picture.


  1. Everything looks GREAT! You girls are fabulous!
    It was well worth the effort!

  2. Well worth the effort mostly by ME! She only did one coat of one wall!!!