Sunday, June 6, 2010


Judy and Dave and Megan joined Alyssa, Chris and I to the Belmont Stakes yesterday. What a fun day we had. Besides enjoying the big race, it's the perfect setting to people watch. Some people really get into the whole crazy, funky dressing and some don't realize that they are added to that category!

This lady had a cute hat with a whole scene of horses etc glued to the top and her picture ended up in today's Newsday newspaper!
As we were walking to the backyard area we saw this well dressed jocky signing autographs. I took his picture just in case he was really 'somebody' to know. Judy and I asked some guy who he was and we got a whole speel that he's Mike Smith and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. I decided to bet on him for every race that he was running in.

Dave and Alyssa
This guy had the best hat in my opinion. It was all LEGOS! He said that between the beer and it hurting his head, it took him days to construct a hat that would be comfortable and not fall off his head.
The green lady has serious orange streaks on the back of her legs from self tanning!

Yankee lounge pants and a 3 color toupe!
A great band, Funk Funkharmoni, in the backyard area was playing. We had such a good time listening but most of all, watching the dancing. The guys were soooo into it and very funny.

The 3 Zukes! Mom, Alyssa and Chris.
Lovely pants
This guy had 'happiness' tattoo'd on one side and 'virtue' on the other.
Chris and Megan
The Belmont Blanket being constructed
Dave and Alyssa
My FAVORITE Mutual Clerk. I've been going to him for years and he always brings me good luck or at least lots of laughs!

I don't even know this guys name but we met him 3 years ago at Belmont. He was sitting in front of us and we had such a good time with him and his 'lady friend'. We bumped into each other again this year!
Lady's sandal that was in front of us

PJ and crew in Post Parade
Judy and I
Curtis Sliwa of the NY Guardian Angels

Larry David look alike. We saw him last year also
Bringing the blanket out to the winning horse
The winner was #7.. . Drosselmeyer and Mike Smith was the winning Jockey! If we didn't see him in the morning, I may not have bet on him! I bet on the horses that came in the win, place and show positions but only to show.... and only $2 each!
We had a fun, fun day!!!


  1. I'm greatly amused by the people pics you got! That lady with the tan streak...well it's nice to know even the sexy legged women aren't perfect. ;)

    And the lego hat was so COOL! Loved it!

  2. its always a great day there, isn't it?? I haven't been down in several years. It always seems that I have to work lately!
    How much did you win by bettin' on the longshot??

  3. Wow, I had NO IDEA going to the Belmont Stakes would be such a fun thing to do! Maybe next year I'll try to convince the husband we should go... Really fun pictures!