Monday, June 14, 2010

Yesterday was PJ's first day off in quite a while. We ran some errands, went food shopping and mowed the lawn. It started to get really warm by noon time, or it just felt that way, so we decided to go to the beach for a little while. We were expecting rain for a good part of the day so we thought a lot of people would have made other plans and maybe we could get into Field 6. We arrived at Field 6 and actually got a front row parking spot! It was EMPTY!!! We set up our chair and blanket and then the sun decided to come out! We stayed for only 2 hours and we ended up BURNT! As we were driving home it started to drizzle for a few minutes and that was it!
Photo 1 is when we arrived at 1:30
Photo 2 is at about 2:30 with a few more people.
It was so nice to be at the beach on a beautiful day (at least it was at the beach) without the crowds!

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  1. OOh! Lucky. I love quiet empty beaches too. :)