Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mother of all Garage Sales...

I hit the MOTHER OF ALL GARAGE SALES yesterday! It was at a convent in Amityville, NY... just 15 minutes from my house. First, we hit Crabby Amy's in Seaford, for a nice breakfast wrap. It was so relaxing to watch the boats with the sea breeze.
Then we headed to the sale.
It was held under a huge tent that had 2 rooms full of items. One room was mostly furniture, tv's, Christmas, wicker and books. The second room was mostly housewares. The nuns had their tables in a large square where vendors had their items along the back.
My friends and I went through the rooms about 10 times and each time, found more items! The nuns just kept putting out more and more. Even as we shopped, people were still donating their items! This was some of what I got...
Above... I got 3 crocks and 8 Au Gratin dishes. The others were in the dishwasher.

My 3 favorites...
I got all of that for LESS THAN $10 ! The wrought iron coat rack thing is 3 1/2 ' long and only cost $1. Those frames were .15 and .25 each! We had to leave because Louann's car couldn't hold any more items! Before we left though, we went for a nice walk to check out their organic garden. You can actually buy 'shares' for a season full of fresh veggies!

I really liked their perennial garden. The Clematis was an unusual variety. I have to look that one up! The bird bath was just a pretty glass bowl on top of the cement stand. Very nice.
We had such a fun time. After I got home, I was itching to go back! I told PJ that he has to make sure he's off from work next year. This is one NOT to miss!!!


  1. What a score! Is that little pot a Marcrest Ovenproof Stoneware piece? If it is, I love mine!
    The flower pictures are beautiful!

  2. Great finds! I love giant sales!

    But I have to say, that birdbath is gorgeous!!