Thursday, June 10, 2010

PJ, Chris and I went for a visit to see Pops. He's 89 years old now. His health has rapidly gone downhill in the last month. I'm pretty sure he knew who we were but his mind was mostly somewhere else. He did perk up though when I asked him if the 'lady's' were still after him. He had a grin from ear to ear! We had lunch with Pops and then had to leave. Chris was flying back to OR later in the day and he still had to pack.
Just before leaving Pops told me to look at the photos that were in the corner and if I wanted any, to take them. I found two that I definitely wanted. I took them out of the frames and thanked Pops. He then said "you know that you have to bring them back don't you"? Ok! I thought that was funny.
This first picture is of my Great Grandparents Amy and George Bauer along with their
3 children Dorothy, Veronica (my Grandmother) and George. The photo was taken in 1924.

This next photo is my favorite. It is of the 3 Bauer children... from the left... Veronica (my Grandmother), George and Dorothy. My Grandmother was born in 1909.
I made extra copies of these pics and will give them to my brothers. I'm so glad to have these pictures.


  1. Those are fantastic. I adore old family photos.

  2. Old family photos are so wonderful!