Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun. During the day, Scott and Alyssa made the dough for sugar cookies. They totally got into the festive mood with aprons and hats!

We went to EAB Plaza for our annual Christmas Eve picture. Brooke and Chris aren't here this year. We've added Dave to the pictures!
Alyssa and Dave
Alyssa and Scott
PJ, Me, Dave, Alyssa and Scott
PJ and I
After we left EAB Plaza, we drove home slowly to look at Christmas lights. We always stop at one of Scott's friends house to see the monstrosity. You can barely see the house. There's hundreds of those ugly blow up decorations on every inch of their lawn!

We ended the night with a nice dinner!

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  1. Those are wonderful photo's of your family. I love the aprons ;)