Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scott bought tickets for PJ, Alyssa, me and himself to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as Christmas presents.
We had always heard that the concerts were great but really didn't know what to expect. I never expected them to be 'rockers' and so talented!
They started by coming down from the ceiling.

One of the first things we all noticed is that they ALL were very talented in shaking their heads back and forth to make their hair fly. It was so funny!

The first half was like a Christmas rock opera. A man told a Christmas story in segments leading to the orchestra playing different Christmas songs in their way.
Besides being talented musically, they were also very talented in theatrics. Their songs were stories and they played the parts very well.
They had singers and members of the NY Philharmonic as their orchestra.
The second half was a variety of their regular songs. It was funny because some songs I guess had certain meanings to the audience because they would do hand movements, stand up at certain times etc. It was like being at a YES concert!
There goes the hair again!
The violinist was mine and Alyssa's favorite member. He took command of that stage and was amazing to watch.

When he was leaning backwards, PJ said that there was water coming out of the top of the bow. We had to explain to him that it wasn't water that he was seeing, it was violin strings! You can't see it in this picture though. It was pretty funny!

This was the strangest concert that I've ever been to! It was just so funny to see a bunch of long haired, crazy energetic guys turn ordinary songs into works of art. It was like Beethoven meets Kiss! They were all very talented in their individual ways. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!


  1. Came over from 2peas because you mentioned TSO and I *love* them! And your Beethoven meets Kiss description is perfect!

    How did you get such great photos?

  2. I think I would love this performance. I love all types of music. I enjoy Kiss and Beethoven so yup I think this sounds awesome.

  3. Love your "Beethoven meets Kiss" description as well. I would love to see TSO perform. Sounds like a fun concert! TFS!