Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Shopping Spree

This past weekend, PJ and I went up to Ithaca for the Holiday Shopping Spree.... an event put on by the Cayuga Wine Trail. It starts on Friday and goes all the way to Sunday at 5:00. It's always a fun weekend. This time I won an extra ticket. We ended up sending it to Midge, a woman that lives in the round house behind our property up there. She was so excited and came along with us. Barry had to work.
This is our property...
Malva... she's now 95 years old and still the official 'GREETER" at King Ferry Winery. We love seeing Malva. She bowls twice a week and also has card night on Wednesdays. She has such a great outlook on life!
Cayuga Lake
This is a form of either Broccoli or Cauliflower (I forgot). They were at the Farmer's Market. STUNNING! You could make a beautiful centerpiece with them!

It flurried from the minute we got to Ithaca until we left!

We took a ride on Sunday morning to Seneca Lake. I love the view!
Grapes in their neat perfect rows
We took a side road back to Cayuga Lake. There was a lot more snow on this road for some reason than anywhere else!
Bails of Hay

PJ and Midge at Bellweather Hard Cider Winery. I always skip this one.

Spot where Midge's aunt has a summer home on Cayuga Lake
I love barns!
This is my favorite barn of all time. I take a picture of it on every trip to Ithaca so I have it in all seasons. One day it will completely fall over but I'll have my memories!
On the way home, PJ brought me to a wholesale Christmas Store in NJ. I wasn't impressed once I saw the prices of things. I'll stick to Michaels and AC Moore with my coupons!
We has such a nice relaxing weekend. The next event is in March... Mardi Gras!

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