Sunday, December 19, 2010

We had lots of laughs decorating the tree. Dave joined us and it was his first experience decorating a tree.

Alyssa and Dave are trying to figure out what the heck that ornament is of. It was one of Nanny and Pop's ornaments.
Huck sitting on the end table watching all the action
This will become a family tradition. As Alyssa, Scott and Dave decorated the tree, PJ read the Cajun Twas The Night Before Christmas off of an ornament that we bought for Scott while we were in New Orleans.

It was so funny because PJ has not mastered the Cajun accent yet. It was hysterical watching him try to read the words because they are written as they're supposed to sound.
Alyssa, Dave and Scott got quite a kick out of it!
When the kids were young, the 'Ornament Fairy' would come at night and move some ornaments from the bottom of the tree, upwards to even it all out. Now that they've grown, I think the Ornament Fairy has to come back and move some to the bottom!
We had a great time together!

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