Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last night PJ and I went to the Hicks Nursery Flower and Garden Show. This was a special reception for the 'professionals' before they open it up to the public.
We were greatly impressed at how much Hicks has changed over the years. PJ worked there about 35 years ago and boy, it certainly changed since then!
The gardens were all made by outside Landscape Architects and businesses that do paving, plantings etc to create these beautiful gardens.
It really brought me back to the past. Here I was... being able to actually understand and add to the conversations about pesticides,
Long Horn Asian Beetles, Mealy Bug on Poinsettias etc. I was quite proud of myself!
We bumped into quite a few people that we knew. We even went to TGIF's afterwards to catch up with Billy and Laura C. We had a very enjoyable evening and saw some beautiful gardens!
I know this is a double picture but Blogger isn't letting me delete it!

Eggplant in the middle of a flower garden!

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