Friday, March 12, 2010

This is just NOT my day!!
I went to CVS to pick up a prescription for PJ. I had a question about it so I had to step aside for the pharmacist to come to answer it. In the mean time I went in my pocketbook to get my wallet that had my prescription card in it. I couldn't find my wallet. It was weird because there's like nothing in my pocketbook! It was in the zippered part and was black so it blended in to make me not see it The cashier saw that I was a little embarrassed by that one. We had a little laugh! Then I took out the card and was waiting for the pharmacist. I stacked the shopping baskets nicely that were next to me because they were in my way. The pharmacist answered my questions and then I was going to pay but the cashier had to get something. I went in my wallet to get my card out and it was now gone! I searched my pockets, the floor, the counter etc. The cashier came back and once again I had to step aside because of the missing card. I found it in the shopping baskets that I rearranged! So we had a bigger laugh about how I should have stayed in bed this morning! So I'm finished and go out to my car. I put my glasses on and one side falls off! They split in 1/2 on the nose part! I was going to go back into CVS to give the cashier an even bigger laugh but I didn't. I drove straight home!!!
So that one shopping trip has me completely flustered!!

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