Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saturday, March 13th, a day we'll always remember. We had a terrible Nor'easter come through with 67 MPH winds and gusts that registered 75 MPH at the beach! We got about 3" of rain. 3 trees fell at the other end of the block and 5 power lined snapped, 2 completely coming to the ground. Two cars were totaled in the process. We lost our power along with 1/2 of the town. All I can say is it's a good thing that we like camping because it helped us cope! Sunday morning PJ and i went around checking out the damage. Holy cow!! Parts of the town looked like a war zone. On channel 7 Eyewitness News, they referred to Wantagh as Ground Zero! I couldn't believe how many trees were down. In some areas it looked like a tornado came through because it was tree after tree... boom, boom, boom all down!

Princeton Dr and Jane St

Field 6 of Jones Beach

An almost submerged garbage pail

HESS station where the roof blew off Wantagh Ave near Merrick Rd

Andrea's block... A six house court... 3 trees down, one totaling a car, one blocking the exit of the court and one smashing the gas line! Andrea was evacuated and as of today, Wednesday, still hasn't returned.

My street, John Street, one of the 3 trees down

One of the cars

The other 2 trees

One of the snapped power lines in front of the Dalton's house. I have many many more pics but I think this is more than enough. We got our power back yesterday (Tuesday). I think it's temporary. I think they hooked us up to the block behind us just to give us power. They haven't replaced any of the wires or poles so i'm thinking they'll get to that after they get everyone back with power. What a weekend!!!


  1. Did you happen to go down Elmer St????
    I went down there today and couln't believe the # of trees down.

  2. no I didn't but I say the channel 7 video of the story of them. They lost 10 trees and had LIVE wires still on the ground!