Monday, March 22, 2010

We went to the rally being held at Belmont yesterday. It was to show support for the VLT's to go into Aquaduct and to let Albany know that 9 years after the bill was passed allowing them to get the VLT's is too long of a wait. I learned some things going to this rally. The state is running out of money which we hear every day. If they had the VLT's, as does NJ tracks and Yonker's racetrack, they could be making 1 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY for the state. That's the average of what the other tracks make per day with the VLT's. Also, having the VLT's would provide a TON of jobs for people in the area! I don't get what they don't get!

Ed Mangano and other politicians lined up for pictures to show their support.

Yesterday was Alyssa's 24th birthday. We went to Smokin' Als for dinner. We've always wanted to go there so I was glad that Alyssa chose it. Dave already chose it to be where he wants to go on HIS birthday in September!
Alyssa ordered the BBQ SPUD. I couldn't believe how HUGE that potato was and how LOADED it was!!!
What you see in this picture was actually the END of the meal! We started with appetizers of Fried Pickles... DELICIOUS and a Nacho Platter with Brisket on top. That platter was the best Nacho Platter I've ever had! All of us got almost our entire meals wrapped up to take home! We were stuffed after the appetizers!

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  1. That Nacho platter iS THE BEST That happens to us when we go...No one has room for their meal after the nachos. But the leftovers are always great the next day. I always get the pulled chicken. LOVE that place!