Monday, September 13, 2010

I went to visit my Grandfather today on City Island. Last time I went to visit him,it was sunny out and it took 1 hr and 40 minutes to get there. It should normally be 35-40 minutes. Today I left in the rain. I was all set to be slammed in traffic again, especially being that it was raining. It was smooth sailing the whole way there! I got there at exactly 11, the time I said that I would. I think it's been 20 years since I didn't hit traffic on the way there.
Pops was asleep. I didn't want to wake him. He wouldn't know who I was anyway. David said that he wakes up for about 10 minutes and goes back to sleep and doesn't know who anyone is.
David and I chatted and then I left 20 minutes later.
I decided that being that last time I was on City Island, I went down Cousin Jeannie's block and took pics of the boats and water, that this time I would do the same with Cousin Dottie's block. There are all at the end of her block, about 4 or 5 houses away from her house.
Looking towards the Throgs Neck Bridge.

I had to take a picture on my way home on the bridge. There was NO TRAFFIC again and there was construction too!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Notice the blue sky. City Island, NYC etc was all blue shy. As soon as I got to Long Island, I was back in the rain. It rained until I got back in my door!

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