Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last night was our Semi-Final Volleyball game. The wind at the beach was howling at 40 MPH with 50 MPH gusts! This was not the weather we thought we'd have being that we live about 7 minutes away from the beach and it was pretty calm at home! Another obstacle was that we were missing 3 key players. Two had college classes and the third broke her hand on Saturday. We knew we really had to put everything out there if we had a chance of winning these 3 games. We came in first place for the season but now needed to win this and then the Final to get the absurdly HUGE trophy.
The first game was a complete surprise of how close the score was back and forth. We'd be winning by one then the other team would be winning by one. You hit the ball one way and the wind would carry it in an entirely different way. Sometimes the ball would be ready to land out of bounds and the wind would push it back in at the last second before landing! It was bizarre! We ended up loosing the first game 21-19. That was pretty intense if I say so myself!
Now we have to get more serious for the second game. We had some pretty awesome plays. Whenever the ball would come to me all I could think was that I better hit it and do good because I don't want to lose on account of me! We were in the air, on the ground, diving in every direction. This was another tough, neck and neck game but we ended up winning 22-20.
OK so now we're on to the 3rd game. There was no letting go at this once we started. It was pretty close until midway when the other team cracked! We started gaining points and the more we gained, the more they messed up, thank goodness! We ended up winning the 3rd game 21-14! WE DID IT!!! We were all so happy and PUMPED! I never saw so much adrenalin from this team before!
We were so proud of ourselves. EVERYONE played their hearts out! We're so excited to play in the Final Games next week but we're not happy with who we're playing. They are known among the 16 teams as being the 'nasty team'. We've played them before and there are always problems. But that's next week. For now, we'll all bask in the glory that we won with our hearts last night!

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