Friday, September 10, 2010

Yesterday I started a new job that has very flexible house. This way I can still sub. I was hired by a friend to "sit in the room and while 99 year old Aunt Mary sleeps, you just make sure she doesn't try to get up and end up falling out of bed. You can watch tv, read, whatever you want because she'll be asleep almost the whole time". Someone has to be there while she's in bed and the family can't handle it anymore. I was a bit leery because I HATE nursing homes but decided that it was a smart move.
So, I brought a book with the hopes of actually reading the whole book through the days, something I rarely accomplish. Aunt Mary's sons were there and they introduced me to her and right away she didn't want me there. She doesn't want her sons paying for someone to watch her. She kept saying "so what if I fall out of bed. I'm 99 years old. How long do you want me to last"? I had to tell her that I'm not getting paid and that I'm doing it to fill my day.
They showed me around and chatted for about an hour while Aunt Mary kept saying she doesn't need me. They both had to go so they wheeled her into the lounge area and left. Aunt Mary then was my new best friend and chatted with me NON STOP until I left at 4:15! She is one funny and spunky lady! We chatted about her boys, how she was married for 7 years with a 4 year old and pregnant with the second when her husband fell, hit his head and died. She had to bring them up alone and she worked extra to be able to provide extras for her boys... one was music lessons which ended up allowing that son to go to Julliard.
Later in the day her best friend Mary was at Bingo and wet her pants. She had to go back to her room to get changed. In the meantime Aunt Mary said she always wondered how the aides deal with the men that have those accidents because "you know, they have to touch their private parts. You know my husband died after I was married for only 7 years and I haven't seen one of those things since then. I wouldn't know what to do with it! I'd be afraid if I touched one I might make it fall off"! She grabbed my hand and we both had a good laugh.
Mary came back and Aunt Mary told her that her sons got some lady to sit in the room to watch her and she doesn't want the lady to be offended but doesn't want her (ME!). I said Aunt Mary, that's me. I'm only here to help them and to keep you company. She said she enjoys my company. Then she said "I think that other lady lives in the basement"! I really ended up have a fun day and I'm actually looking forward for tomorrow.


  1. hahaha sounds like you are going to have a blast. she sounds like a character. a friend of my moms mother is 97 and she thinks that Im her grand daughter. (I will walk out of the room and come back) she thinks its another day. I havnt seen you in yearrrrssss (thinks Im another person. I just smile. hug her neck... what do you say...

  2. Sounds like my grandma, hope you have a nice time and get a lot done if she sleeps!

  3. She sounds like a hoot! How many days are you to go keep her company?