Saturday, September 4, 2010

PJ and I took a walk at Jones Beach this morning to see the aftermath of what Hurricane Earl created. We really didn't get rain here but the tides wrecked havoc.
Below is looking towards Field 6

Lifeguards at Field 5
Basketball courts
Towards field 5

Walking towards Field 4
Field 4
The main stairs leading on to the beach at Field 4
My favorite shack

The golf course looking towards the ampitheater
a bench in the basketball courts
walking towards field 6


  1. nice pics between yesterday and today. do you know that even though I have lived in Westchester all of my life I have never been to Jones Beach??

  2. OH! You're really missing out! This time of the year is best because it's no longer crowded and nice and clean crisp air.

  3. Holy cow! Well, at least you got some great pictures out of it!